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Workers Compensation, Women Injured, Woman Injured, Personal Injury
Workers Compensation, Women Injured, Woman Injured, Personal Injury
Workers Compensation, Women Injured, Woman Injured, Personal Injury

      Our mission is to provide quality service and maximum recovery for our clients. We understand the unique needs of women injured on the job and strive to meet those needs through referrals within a network of female providers, whenever available. To the greatest extent possible, we want our clients  to understand the benefits and limitations of the complex workers' compensation system and we work with our clients throughout the difficult decision making process, with regard to medical treatment, returning to work, settlement and trial.

Our Mission

    We have lawyers who specialize in Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury and Social Security Disability. As a result, when an injury leads to multiple lawsuits, such as a third party/Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation  case, we can represent you on all of your litigation.

       We have been practicing law in Contra Costa since 1978, and are familiar with many of the  doctors and most of the medical facilities. We will use our extensive knowledge and experience in this industry to help you  obtain the maximum physical, medical, and legal recovery possible.

Auto Accidents
Boat & Motorcycle
Wrongful Death
Uninsured Motorist Claims
Dog Bites
Construction Site Injuries
Defective Products
Wages Lost


Injury specializes in personal injury and workers’ compensation. We are the largest Worker’s Compensation Firm in the East Contra Costa County. The staff of 5 lawyers and 10 paralegal/legal professionals are ready to aggressively represent you.

      All personal injury, workers’ compensation and social security cases are handled on a contingency fee basis- no fee until the case gets settled.

       We have represented hundreds of severely disabled clients. Many of our clients have received more than one million dollars for their injuries. We also represent clients with less severe injuries which commonly occur at work or on the road. The following is a list of the most common injuries represented:

About Us



Back & Neck
Knee & Shoulder
Heart Attacks / Strokes
Repetitive Motion Injuries
Death Claims
Cancer / Asbestosis
Latex Allergies
Toxic Exposures



Once the initial claim

has been filed & denied.

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